Bangalore visit

Bangalore visit

Prof K V S Hari had a visit from the following members to ECE, IISc Bangalore on 30 Nov:

  • Karen McLuskie, Deputy Director for Technology, British High Commission New Delhi
  • David Russell, Head of Communications, British High Commission New Delhi
  • Rebecca Fairbairn, Director, UKRI India
  • Arina Cosac, Senior Programme Manager, UKRI India

We had several colleagues of ECE and some BTIRC PIs attend the meeting. We made a presentation on our 5G Testbed and BTIRC activities followed by a visit to the 5G lab where we presented the following demos:

  • mm-Wave link using a 64-element array at the transmitter and a 2-element receiver with a 64-QAM signal.
  • OAI based sub-6GHz, 5G over-the-air links using USRPs
  • video demo of remote driving of a vehicle as a V2X application
  • AR/VR demo from BTIRC’s activities.

This was followed by a discussion about UKI-FNI activities.


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